Julian R. Fogel

Music producer and audio editor. Professional working in record production and film scoring, with more than 140 successful contracts over the past 9 years for clients from all over the world. Experience in coordinating production efforts, blending together the technical, creative, and logistic aspects of projects.

Music Production

Composition, arrangement, recording, edition, mixing and mastering.

Music Composition

Songs/albums, jingles, sonic identities, intros/outros.

Audio Post-Production

Podcast edition and mixing, audio restoration.

Genres I work in

Beats, pop, trap/hip-hop, rock, metal, latin, world, academic/classical.


“Julian was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend him. We needed a short radio jingle in Spanish and Julian made sure he knew exactly what we wanted and then went to work creating a masterpiece. He communicated regularly through the process and the end product was fantastic!”

Utah State University Extension
Client on Upwork 

“I have been working with Julian now for six years and he does everything well. When he became unavailable this last year temporarily due to a busy schedule, rather than look for another composer arranger I just waited until he was ready to work with me again, I didn’t want to use anyone else or even look. He’s just really talented, and he’s also prompt & gets everything done on time and Is very responsive to any request I have or any changes I want to make. Hire him: you can’t go wrong”

Tess Cowell, singer/songwriter
Client on Upwork 

“Julián worked with us creating music for several projects, including TV series ‘Sin Conexión’, web series ‘Un Año Sin Televisión’ and ‘Policompañeros Motorizados (S1)’, and award-winning short film ‘Breve Historia en el Planeta’. He also contributed pieces to the soundtracks of feature films ‘En Busca del Muñeco Perdido’ and ‘Sangre Negra’, released in 2016 and 2012 respectively. His work is impressive and took our material to unexpected levels. He is very self-driven and works passionately, really taking into consideration our proposals and expanding them (his knowledge of music theory is a really big plus here). Julián is a very responsible person that is an absolute charm to work with. We couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Pedro Saieg, co-founder of Tangram Cine

“Super skilled musician, great communication, he brings your project just where you want (or even further). This is my 2nd contract with him. Strongest recommendation.

Nils Stokke, founder and CEO of Spark AS
Client on Upwork 


“If there would be a 6th Star I would definitely give Julian here. In all areas, in all specialities. He’s really one of the most hardworking, productive, and great people I’ve ever met. A real professional and one of the most talented, disciplined and well organized people, a very high skilled artist in all means, I know.. and I feel very lucky and honored to have a chance to work with him.”

Muammer Derebasi, founder of Reality Happens
Client on Upwork 

“Julian really is a super person to work with. He is clear in his communication, tells you when has and doesn’t have time for work. He helps with the creative process, but also listens to ideas from others. He is patient with customers that change their mind ;-). Julian created 16 children’s songs for us the results of which are excellent. I will certainly hire him again when we have another musical project.”

Mark Holmwood, director of Holmwood’s Online Learning
Client on Upwork 

“Julian was a joy to work with. He is talented, thorough and gives detailed communication at each step. He clearly put an enormous amount of work into the contract and it shows it the final result.”

Ian Goldstein, singer & songwriter
Client on Upwork 

“Julian brings great musical sensibility and high technical proficiency to his work. One of the things I really like about Julian is his candor and honesty in commenting on what is required to take the piece of music to the next level. He really wants the best for your music. I recommend him highly.”

Bernie Schmidt, composer
Client on Upwork 

“I’ve worked with Julian for years and have nothing but good things to say about his work. He is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, and amazing contributors to our project”

Aaron Dunn, founder and marketing lead of Musopen.org
Client on Upwork 

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